BERLIN 2018 by Corin ripley

My first impression of Berlin…COLD! but it was worth the snow, the getting lost and numb toes.

Since this was the first trip for us first year newbies, I found that I had the chance to bond with the girls on my course, since I live in Southampton and most live in Winchester, it was lovely to get to know one another, by the end of the trip it felt like we were one big family.

Along with department store and museum visits, we attended Tradeshows across Berlin Fashion Week to learn about business to business marketing and promotion. We spent time at Kraftwerk and SEEK, which were widely different from each other.  Kraftwerk centred around ethical fashion, and part of this trade show featured a conference on Fashion & Technology, with talks from industry professionals such as ‘redefining the previous season model as a global fashion business’ by the executive vice president of

SEEK on the other hand was all about street style brands. A few of the well-known brands attending this business 2 business event were Fila, Birkenstock, Lazy Oaf and Dickies. We were given a USB stick with all of the look book by the sales director, and it showed us that Dickies in particular were going above and beyond with their digital efforts to distribute the brand. It was great to be in the buzz of a real live industry environment and everyone was really helpful and answered our questions and shared contacts. 

Another big highlight of the trip was a talk at the Zalando head office,  with a presentation from the head buyer footwear for women Alice Marshall. She told us about Zalando and why it has been so successful as a fashion platform and how to pursue a career at the brand. We had a really warm and friendly welcome with  tea and coffee provided and the chance to ask lots of questions, a really memorable visit. 

We also had the chance to visit the Helmut Newton Foundation to see the work of one of the most influential fashion photographers of all time, amazing to see shoots from some of the most iconic front covers of magazines like Vogue.

The last day (a free day) involved a lie-in, and an amazing brunch! This trip was such an enriching experience,  I enjoyed every minute of and learned so much from it. To any future students… THIS TRIP IS A MUST!


Everyone is excited to leave for Berlin Fashion Week this Sunday. The itinerary is packed full of visits and activities to learn as much about fashion and retail in this exciting city.  The agenda includes a head office visit to Zalando, trade show visits, conference on Fashion and Technology, museum visits and retail exploration.  Cant wait to share this years photos with you.....