A Breath of Berlin 


We woke the last day to clear blue skies; the rest of the week had been grey with some light snow the night before, not that anyone had noticed. There hadn’t been time for polite conversions on weather. Five days had passed in a blur, but not in a whirlwind but rather as a dream. We’d experienced so much Fashion, culture or otherwise. We felt we were leaving German soil with a new perspective.  Fashion Tech illuminated the pressing issue of climate change already at the forefront of this year’s state of fashion, and the other shows seek and premium echoing its message along with other of 19/20 trends to come. Seek’s abundance of street-wear celebrated the warehouse aesthetic, there was a mixture of niche and well-known millennial brands(such as champion, Fila and Ellesse to name a few). Premium was chaos: print, colour, texture, row-by-row, column-by-column. The Reichstag building offered some social and historical context, which was concreted through seeing artists and photographer’s work in galleries, streets and even a certain wall, need I name? Monkey bar provided a high-rise view to take in the sweep of this incredibly rich past and present day city, with a daiquiri in hand and a giggle to the person on the left it was a refreshing way to wash over the busy days events.